Ekornes Stressless Magic Recliner & Ottoman (Classic)

Medium Size Leather Prices Start at $3,395.00

Ultimate relaxation with soft cushioning. Available in 3 sizes, 7 wood finishes, and plenty of leathers and fabrics. Made in Norway


Stressless Magic is the most comfortable chair we have ever made. We have spared nothing in giving it maximum sitting comfort. What makes this recliner so special, is the shape of the seat and back, which literally envelopes you and gives your body support in all the right places. Add to that its comfort zones and a thick pillow made from foam and fibers, and you have a recliner which provides the ultimate in relaxation. Magic is also available in plenty of leathers and fabrics.

Details 1

Magic (S) Classic Chair

Details 2

30.25"W x 30"D x 38.5/42.5"H

Details 3

Seat Height 16.5"

Details 4

Magic (M) Classic Chair

Details 5

32"W x 30.25"D x 39.45/43.45"H

Details 6

Seat Height 17.25"

Details 7

Magic (L) Classic Chair

Details 8

35.5"W x 32.25"D x 39.45/43.45"H

Details 9

Seat Height 17.45"

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