Stressless Sunrise Recliner & Ottoman - Classic Base

Medium Size Prices Start at $2,295.00

Available in small, medium or large size. Leather, fabric, & wood base color options. Made in Norway.


With its classic design, Stressless Sunrise gives you just what you need when sitting down. Perfect comfort. Every Stressless is in fact a mechanical precision instrument, packed with patents and functionality just to provide you with the world’s best sitting comfort.
Medium size specs

31.1"W x 28.7"D x 40.6"H 16.5"SH

Large size specs +$100

34.6"W x 30.7"D x 40.6"H 16.9"SH

Small size specs -$100

29.5"W x 28.7"D x 39.4"H 18.6"SH

Ottoman specs (all sizes)

22.4" x 15.7"D x 15.4"H

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