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Harlequin Pierrot

Price for King, $5,629.00. Flex Top King, $7,399.00. Queen, $4,889.00. Flex Top Queen, $6,659.00. Full, $4,659.00. Twin or Twin XL, $3,999.00.

Available in all standard sizes, including split king & split California king. Flex top option for queen or king. Made in Canada.


The comfort of this trendy model of our Hotel Boutique style collection is a total magnet. Its sleek design, low profile and semi-firm comfort, combined to the ZERO GRAVITY sensation of our joint system technology gives you the highest level of comfort!

The innovative Harlequin technology integrated and fully dissimulated within the mattress offers a unique sensation to every type of sleeper. Dive into the ZERO GRAVITY HARLEQUIN sensation as your mattress entirely molds your body’s morphology with its fluid joint movement technology, eliminating all pressure points and back pain.


Exclusive to Harlequin, the COOLER cover made of polyethylene fiber is a revolutionary fabric with a high capacity of absorption and evaporation of body moisture, above market standards thanks to its 540 GMS composition. Feel the coolness of a surface specially designed to maintain your body temperature to its optimal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit at all time!


Reception area
The reception area is made of layers of raw materials combined to a NANO LATEX Hybrid foam with opened cell and a ventilation system making it highly efficient for sweat and humidity absorption, keeping you in a comfortable zone at all time. The comfort brought by this mattress comes from the use of 100% organic semi-firm latex which stabilizes the pressure exerted while you sleep on your back, stomach, side or all three.


First suspension zone
The highly resilient corrugated foam components help absorbing the pressure exerted by your weight and align with the fluid joint system, exclusive to Harlequin. Every single part of your body is softly supported, without pressure.


Suspension core
The core of the mattress is designed in a unique piece of high density foam.

Flex Top Option:

FLEX TOP allows you to adjust the head section on each side independently and adjust the FOOT section to sleepers preferred positions. This allows you to have independent adjustments without the center gap. We only use quality materials in our products: these mattresses have a removable and washable cover. The all-new Harlequin Cooler fabric incorporates a 540 gms polyethylene fiber with high moisture wicking. The cooling surface is designed for optimal comfort and to maintain a lower surface temperature ensuring a restful sleep

Available in all standard sizes, including split king & split California king. Flex top option for queen or king. Made in Canada.


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