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Have you been looking to update a space in your current home, renovate your business, or maybe create an interior design plan for your future home, but you’re not sure where to start?  Interior design is a topic that, in the furniture business, is increasingly becoming more and more popular as customers reach out to get professional assistance in completing the furnishing of their home, or a certain room.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, Ambiente Furniture in North Carolina can help!

Creating a Personalized Space

Here at Ambiente, we are committed to helping you create personalized, sophisticated, and functional designs that will match your lifestyle and needs.  Our top priority is to help curate a space full of personality and sophistication – one that the whole family truly enjoys.  Your home or business should be a space that encompasses your lifestyle while also maintaining functionality and aesthetics.  Not only that, but sticking to your budget is an important part of designing a space.

When you work with a designer at Ambiente Modern Furniture, you can feel confident that you are collaborating with someone who has extensive experience helping individuals bring their dream home or business to life.  Our designers are ASID certified.  An ASID designer is someone that has a certain level of design experience and has taken the ASID exam to become a certified designer.

The Design Process

With Ambiente Modern Furniture, we make the design process as easy as possible for both the designer and the individual.

Our designers use a multitude of tools throughout the process.  These include technical tools and skills used while speaking with an individual to comprehend exactly how they are looking to transform their space.  These skills assist in balancing the colors of the space, considering the focal points, and its functionality.  We use planning softwares, such as AutoCAD and Photoshop, to mock up exactly what the space will look like.  From there, our designers can assist you in finding the perfect furniture to bring home.

We make sure every member of the family is involved in the process, creating a close working relationship with each person.  We also carefully plan and schedule services and meetings to ensure that our timeline matches your expectations.  These services may include furniture and finishing selections, art selection, schematics, and space planning.

There is a design fee involved with working with our design team.  This price will always vary depending on the project at hand. The fee will reflect all of the project details.  Whether you are remodeling, working on a new construction, downsizing, or something else, this affects the design fee.  This fee will be determined through our consultation, as it is unique to that client’s project.


Take a look through some of our previous interior design projects to truly understand what our designers are capable of. Just think - your home could look as stunning as one of these!

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We'd Love to Help Create Your New Space

Are you searching for an interior designer to assist you with curating a new space in your home or for your business? Maybe you have some ideas of what you’d like, but aren’t sure how to pull all the elements together. When you work with Ambiente Modern Furniture in North Carolina, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with experienced and expert professionals.

We invite you to reach out to one of our designers below at your earliest convenience. If you do not have a preference on a designer or have a question for us here at Ambiente, feel free to contact us; someone will be in touch with you shortly!

Learn More About Our Expert Designers
in Raleigh, NC

Lynn Harke

I have over 20 years of experience in the home furnishings field and a degree in Interior Design. I enjoy helping people find the perfect choice of furniture with space, proportion, and color taken into account. Your lifestyle, comfort, and family needs are very much my concern. For unique furniture you don’t see anywhere else and a no pressure sales approach, I look forward to seeing you at Ambiente!

[email protected]

Roger Cox

I enjoy using my many years of experience in the furniture business to assist customers in their selection of home furnishings. While using a pressure free sales approach, l take pride in the end result and utilize my professional experience to provide feedback as needed. I also know the importance of space planning and making sure all items compliment each other. Allow me to earn your business and assist you in furnishing your home.

[email protected]

Brooke Van Onselder

I graduated from ECU’s School of Art and Design in 2017, and have been in the furniture design and sales industry for the past 3 years. I have a deep appreciation for all arts; physical, digital, musical and design. Having an Art Degree helps me in making your vision a reality by thinking outside the box and outside the realm of traditional Design. I would love to help create your dream space and to assist you in any of your home furnishing needs.

[email protected]

Zahraa Newman

For the past 14 years, I have spent my career abroad designing residential and commercial projects. Being an architect has sharpened my eye to analyze the space in the most efficient way possible, loving to work with my diverse customers, listening to their needs, that is my main goal. My passion for travel
both international and domestically assisted me to formulate and create the best vision that my customers have envisioned for their projects. “There is no right or wrong as long as the balance is there and you are happy with it,” that’s my main rule when designing any project.
Knowing how difficult, personal and exhausting the selection process will be, it is important to show my
customers how exciting and fulfilling could be as well! Being included in the process is always a privilege
for me and will be forever grateful for.

[email protected]

Beth Long

I love working with my customers to find the perfect furniture and rugs for their homes. It is a pleasure to be part of creating spaces that give my customers the quality, style and comfort they desire. Home means different things to different people, I am here to help you create and fulfill whatever your vision of home is.

[email protected]

Learn More About Our Expert Designers
in Asheville, NC

Sarah Jarvis

Greetings! I believe good interior design is actually about listening to your clients needs. A good room design is about function, color, texture, scale and balance. I look forward to helping you achieve your design goals.

I received a Bachelors in Fine Art and Design with emphasis in Art Education from Temple University in Philadelphia. I moved to Asheville in 2008 and have been successfully designing homes for the past 15 years. I received my ASID certification in 2020. It is my goal to continue to bring the best design that I can to this everchanging industry.

[email protected]

Zoey Duck

Growing up in a small town, most people spent a lot of time taking in the scenic nature that West Tennessee had to offer, and less time concerned with the design of their home. Most homes didn’t take a second thought at drapery or furniture, but this was not the case with our family. We rearranged our layout every six months! We were constantly picking paints, looking at new sofas, and cultivating our landscaping just so. I never realized that this hobby of my mothers would instill a lifelong love for creating eye-catching spaces in me! After graduating college with a BA in History and Political Science, I wanted a short break before starting law school, and instead took a job at a local furniture store. I was instantly hooked!

Furniture and design have been a part of my life ever since. Over the past 9 years, I have found passion in working with customers to achieve their ideal project whether large or small, curating spaces that are both functional and stunning. My personal style has come a long way since West Tennessee. My home is a mix of modern and contemporary staples with just a dash of unexpected vintage charm – and I certainly cannot forget the rugs! I even keep a stack of extras in the basement for when the mood strikes to make changes.

When I’m not focused on Operations at Ambiente, I fill my time with reading a good book, completing home projects with my partner, playing with my dogs, Rosie and Scooter, or delving into the latest true crime podcast.

[email protected]

Yoko Morris

To me, good design realizes the potential of a space. It involves considered choices teamed with a sense of bravery. As a foster mom with land and animals, who likes to entertain, I understand the need for furniture that is both inviting and functional. I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together to create a cohesive look that is balanced and conveys an emotion or feeling. I pick items for the store that could tell a story, a sense of place or time, an emotion, in our customers’ homes.

I enjoy working with our designers so they can source exactly what our customer want in their homes. Modern design encompasses several points including financial, social and environmental views and I work with our designers and clients together to make sure all of these are addressed. With a BS Degree in Business Management and 18 years experience working in small business administration and sales, I excel at finding answers and creating a smooth and competent process for our customers. I look forward to helping you create new stories in your home.

[email protected]

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