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How to Keep Couch Cushions from Sliding?

Reaching home after a tiring day and spending quality time relaxing on the couch is nothing less than a treat at the end of the day. However, what’s not great is you are relaxing on your comfortable couch, and the cushion is sliding in every few minutes. You get up, place your cushions properly, and it happens again. Imagine you are watching Netflix with your friends or having coffee with them on your couch. This relaxation can turn into a nightmare when the cushion is not just staying in its place.

If you are familiar with this situation at your home, then you are not alone. Couch cushions do not stay in place always especially when they aren’t secured properly. Not only can it irritate you, but it can also make your guests uncomfortable. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common reasons why the couch cushions keep sliding and the best ways to avoid them. So, read on to know more.

Why Do Couch Cushions Slide Out From Under You?

A couch has various uses indeed at the office or home, but comfort is one of the significant things why people purchase a couch with cushions. However, the problem occurs when sliding cushions become a headache and ruin the overall experience of anybody who is using it.

Cushions are generally used to add a decorative touch to the décor of a couch. Furthermore, sliding cushions not just make you and guests feel uncomfortable but they also make the couch look disorganized, old, and sloppy.

Before we move towards the ways to prevent cushions from sliding, it is important for you to understand the reasons why they slide from under you while chilling on the couch. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Sitting With Your Feet Up On Cushions

Lounging while your feet are up on the couch cushions is one of the common ways to relax. But it can result in the sliding of cushions. Generally, when the cushions are not attached to the couch, they can end up sliding from their place. Or, when the person is sitting in an extremely relaxed position, the cushions can slide a lot.

Above all, sometimes, due to the body posture of the person using it, the cushion tends to slide more than often. It could happen if you are putting too much pressure on the cushion. So, if you want to relax with your feet up on the cushion, make sure that you sit in a way that prevents the cushions from sliding. Otherwise, you’ll have to disturb your peace in order to arrange cushions every now and then.

feet up on couch

Lack of Friction Among Fabrics

If you think that your cushions slide a lot, then you need to check the cloth material of the couch and the cushion. Broadly, you can divide the cloth material of the couch and sofa into two categories, i.e., slippery and non-slippery. In non-slippery materials, the thread or the texture of the cloth allows friction.

But, if the cloth material is slippery in nature, there will be no or negligible friction between the fabrics of the couch and cushion, which can make your cushions slide every time you relax on it. So, if you are buying a couch for the first time or repairing it, then pay attention to the material of the couch and cushions. If you are intrigued to know what type of material will prevent cushion sliding, then keep on reading.

Methods to Keep Your Cushion Stationary

There is no point of doubt in the fact that sliding cushions can totally pull down the relaxing experience. Ultimately, it necessitates the need to look for a solution or purchase a new couch completely. Thankfully, there are certain fixes that can help you in eradicating the problem. Below are the two easy methods which you can use to get rid of repositioning the cushions to their original place:

Use Velcro

Attaching Velcro strips under the sliding cushions is one of the simplest ways to solve this annoying problem of couch cushions. You need to ensure that the tape you choose should be heavy-duty and sturdy enough to increase the durability and functionality of this method.

The process of using Velcro is no rocket science, and you won’t require any technical skills to get it right. You just have to place one side of the Velcro strip on the cushion using the sticky side to fix it. The next thing to do is place the remaining side on the couch.

It will help in keeping the cushion in its original place. However, if you are not comfortable sticking the Velcro strips, then you can even sew them on the sides of the couch and cushions. Remember to buy Velcro strips on the basis of the material of your couch and cushions.

couch cushion sliding velcro

Use A Rubber Mat

If you want a quick solution to end the hassle of picking couch cushions from the floor, then you can use a rubber mat. You can find it easily in the nearby market or supermarkets by the name of non-slip lining or pad. It is a straightforward option as all you need to do is place the rubber pad under the cushions.

A rubber mat offers a better grip on the cushion, which keeps it intact in place. You can find endless varieties of rubber mats in the market. However, you must know the features and quality of each type so that you can purchase the appropriate fit for your home or office. Basically, the one that has the ability to hold the cushions in place.

The rubber element increases the adhesion, which allows it to provide a firm hold on the cushions. Above all, the installation of rubber mats makes it easy to come across the challenge of keeping cushions back in place.

prevent cushion from sliding

What Type Of Couch To Buy That The Cushions Don’t Slide?

Now that you know the reasons for sliding cushions and some ways to avoid the issue. It is essential for you to have knowledge about the type of couches you can buy. Following are some options in which you can invest freely, and you won’t have to face the struggle of repositioning couch cushions:

Couch With Cushions Attached

A couch that comes with attached cushions is also known as a tight-back design. Every pillow or cushion is bound to the frame of the couch. Due to the design and structure of these couches, the durability increases, and the problem of the sliding cushion doesn’t arise. Such couches also provide better back support. The cushions remained securer and fixed in one place.

Leather Couch Cushions Slide Less

If possible, when selecting a coach to buy, go for a leather couch and cushion. The issue of sliding cushions won’t irritate you with this type of couch because the texture of the material creates traction. On the other side, cushions will inevitably slip off the couch on relatively smooth or slippery material. Above all, leather couch or cushions gives an elegant look to the space. Thus, you can think of buying a leather couch.

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That’s all about how to avoid sliding cushions. If you use any one of the methods stated above, then you should be able to make slipping of cushions less of an issue. However, you can go with whatever works best for your couch, and you’ll surely enjoy quality time on your couch. Maybe you’re in the market for a new and fashionable couch but you want to make sure that your cushions don’t slide due to bad experiences in the past. If this is the case, visit one of our store locations in Raleigh or Asheville to test out all the couches you would like. Fill out the contact form below if you would like any more information about our furniture!

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