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Koncept Equo

Price for Lamp, $339.00

Color options available. Matching floor lamp available.


When the best in design meets clever engineering, the result is the amazing Equo Collection. Supported by a pencil-thin body attached to a weighted base, the sleek and elegant desk lamp seems to defy gravity. Mounted to the body is a counterbalanced arm that can move the LED light head up and down and place the light where it is desired with a simple one-finger touch. Extend the slim body to about four feet in height and you have the Equo floor lamp. This incredible collection provides a thin yet functional LED light source for any room.


28 LEDs
6 watts consumption
L90 rated lifespan over 60,000 hours
3,500 K / 4,500 K light color
Multi-level touch dimming
Black / Silver / Orange / Chrome*
10’ cord
90 CRI
*warm light models only
Fully recyclable aluminum
Water-based paint
LEDs do not contain mercury
Low power consumption (<10 watts)
LEED credit eligibility

Color options available. Table clamp & wall mount options available. Wireless charging base or power base available. Matching floor lamp available.

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