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Seed Design Archer

Price for Floor Lamp, $800.00. XL Lamp, $1,600.00

Available in two sizes.


ARCHER is one of the brightest constellations in a summer night. The solid bow arm is constructed with beech. The bowstring is conveniently created for easy adjustment in the lamp’s arm. ARCHER Floor Lamp is available in two floor sizes. Its base is solidly constructed with metal. With ingenuity and technique, the wires are concealed within the wooden body.

Available in two sizes.

Additional information

Lamp specs

10.8"W x 35.4"- 47.2"D x 55.1"- 67.3"H

XL lamp specs

13.8"W x 56.6"- 101.5"D x 72.4"- 87.4"H

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