How to Restore Wood Furniture with Vinegar and Oil

Over time, your wooden furniture may start to lose the bright shine it had the first day you brought it home. Before you decide to get rid of the piece, know that your wooden furniture can easily be restored with a simple mixture of oil and vinegar.

First, you will want to clean your furniture of dust and dirt so that your solution can be in direct contact with the wood surface. Use a dusting brush or a slightly dampened cloth to wipe off every part of furniture you will be polishing. After you have cleared your furniture of dust and grime, it is time to make and apply the vinegar solution.


Just follow these steps to have your wooden furniture looking brand new again:

Step 1: Mix 2 parts olive oil and 1 part vinegar; you will not need very much

Step 2: use an old rag to dip into the solution (do not pour directly onto furniture) and rub across the surface you wish to restore

Step 3: Use a clean cloth to buff out the excess solution in a circular motion

Step 4: Allow the polished area to dry for several hours

That’s all there is to it! You should see an immediate improvement after applying the vinegar and oil solution. 


Do Not try to clean your wooden Furniture with only vinegar!


If you do not dilute the vinegar before cleaning your furniture, it may leave streaks on the wood or possibly eat away some types of finish. If you do not have any olive oil to dilute your vinegar with, here are some alternative solutions:

  • 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part vinegar, 1 part flax oil
  • 3 Tablespoons vinegar with 1 cup warm water

If you are worried about the vinegar leaving a smell, you can add a small amount of scented dish soap to your solution. If you do smell vinegar after polishing your furniture, it should go away after your furniture is fully dried.


How to Get Rid of Sticky Residue

When you are cleaning your wooden furniture you may run into sticky substances resulting from a spilled drink or food. Whatever the residue is, it should come off with a bit of rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is wet a small part of a cloth with the rubbing alcohol and scrub the area until the surface is rid of the sticky residue. If you do not have any rubbing alcohol, vodka is a good substitute.

How to Fix Chips and Scratches on Wood Furniture

If you happen to run into a small scratch or chip out of your furniture, there is a product you can buy for a couple of dollars to cover up the damage. You can buy colored filler sticks from a hardware store to make chips and scratches less noticeable. These sticks are made out of wax and they work by rubbing off onto the wooden surface. Although the finished product is not perfect, it will hide any marks or scratches that can be seen from a distance.


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