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Tips and Tricks for Removing the Smoke Smell from Your Couch

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It is no secret that the smell of cigarettes can linger in a person’s clothes, hair, and furniture. It can be difficult to get rid of this odor because it has been absorbed into the fabric over time. There are many different ways you might find yourself trying to remove the smoke smell from your couch or other upholstery. This article will provide some helpful tips and tricks for getting rid of smoke smells!

Air out the Couches

If the smell is present on your couches after you have cleaned them, it may be time to air out the couch. Allowing fresh air in and letting any toxins dissipate can help remove some of that cigarette smoke smell. For lighter-colored furniture, open up windows or doors during daylight hours when possible for maximum sun exposure.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great odor absorber, and it works well on couches. Sprinkle some baking soda onto your couch to absorb any smells caused by cigarettes. You might need to repeat this process every few days until the cigarette smell goes away because of how long-lasting smoke odors can be in fabrics and other materials.
Baking soda is also a natural deodorizer, so it’s perfect for tackling cigarette smoke smells in your furniture. When you sprinkle baking soda onto the couch, this type of odor absorber will pull out any lingering smells from cigarettes on your furniture.

Steam Clean

One of the best ways to get rid of cigarette smoke smells on furniture is steam cleaning. This method works well because it removes any dirt or dust that could be causing odors, and it also kills bacteria from smoking materials such as cigarettes.

Choose a cleaner specifically made for getting out cigarette smells on the couch so you can easily clear away any unpleasant smells.

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture

If you are feeling adventurous, another option to try is using hydrogen peroxide and dish soap mixed together in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution onto all parts of your couch where there may be smoke odors, wait for ten minutes or so before wiping it off with paper towels, then let dry overnight on some newspaper.
The mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap can also be used to clean the upholstery as well. You will want to make sure you are using a gentle, non-abrasive cloth for this type of cleaning so that your couch doesn’t end up with any scratches.

Use a Professional Cleaning Service

If you are not quite ready to tackle the job yourself, or if your couch is so bad off from smoke that simple cleaning isn’t enough, there are professional cleaners out there as well.
Some companies have been around for a while and offer services tailored just for people’s couches who need some extra help after years of smoking on them. The professionals will come with a truck or van, not only do the cleaning but also offer installation of new parts and furniture covers for couches that may have been so smoke damaged they need to be replaced.

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