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Furniture should be more than just something to put in a space; it should be a piece that transforms a room and changes it from ordinary to sensational. Elite Modern Furniture has delivered this reputation time and time again, and we are pleased to share their brilliance with our clients at Ambiente Modern Furniture. Their passion for original design and attention to detail is unmatched, and this is seen in every piece of furniture that is made. Using natural elements such as solid woods and metals, Elite Modern delivers simplicity and originality in a way that is unprecedented in the furniture industry.

Elite Modern is a proud collaborator with many of today’s top American designers, including Carl Muller and Rick Lee, giving their clients innovative and leading styles in the furniture world. With the option to purchase our top selling pieces or to design and customize your own work of art, we are confident that you will have all of your designing and decorating needs met at Ambiente Modern Furniture. Whether you are looking for a new bedroom suite or styling your new kitchen island, Elite Modern has many exquisite options available to you. Check out their inventory online on our site to see the ingenuity we rave about and what keeps clients coming back for more. 

Natural Materials In Every Detail

A characteristic found in most modern furniture pieces is the use of raw and natural materials. This feature is expressed perfectly by Elite Modern, and their natural elements are setting the standards quite high compared to other designers.

  • Leather options – The leather chosen by Elite Modern is one that clearly displays it is a natural product and not replicated in a sterile factory setting. In the wild, barbed wire, firebrands, and abrasions occur to animals. These marks on their skin can be transposed onto the leather, giving it natural elements and an authentic feel. This style and characteristic sets Elite Modern’s leather apart and shows profound attention to detail.

Elite Regal Dining Chair 421

  • Metal options – With a range of color options available, the in-house powder-coat finishing process and electrostatic process gives the metals customizability and durability. They make the finishes chip resistant and built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. 

Elite Victor Buffet 387

  • Wood options – The intense Elite Modern wood finishing process is noteworthy. From sanding, hand wiping stains, applying sealers, and then top coats, this advanced finishing process sets Elite Modern apart significantly. Since they use the most natural wood available and never change the integrity of the wood, natural knots and grain patterns are typically present in pieces, giving the furniture even more character.

Elite Vista Cocktail Table 2014

Elite Modern at Ambiente Modern Furniture

We are elated to have such remarkable furniture options at our gallery as Elite Modern. Our passion at Ambiente Modern Furniture is to supply our clients with the most excellent furniture choices that will make a statement in your home or business. We would love to speak with you about your next decorating project and show you more ways to get Ambiente Modern Furniture into your space. We also have storefronts in both Raleigh and Asheville, and we would love to have you experience our pieces firsthand. Our team looks forward to working with you and transforming your space! 

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