Ekornes Stressless Crown Recliner & Ottoman (Classic)

Medium Size Leather Prices Start at $2,695.00

Traditional styling, and all the latest patients for a comfortable sit. Traditional Available in 3 sizes, 7 wood finishes, and plenty of leathers and fabrics. Made in Norway

Stressless Crown offers a unique sitting comfort and works well with any decor. Crown features the patented Plus-system which provides perfect neck and lumbar support in any angle. Design-wise, it’s all about a recliner that invites you to lean back and ease out. Building the world’s greatest recliners for people of only one shape and size would be unfair, that’s why our Stressless recliner comes in three sizes. Crown is also available in plenty of leathers and fabrics

Details 1

Crown (S) Classic Chair

Details 2

28"W x 29.5"D x 37.45"H

Details 3

Seat Height 15.45"

Details 4

Crown (M) Classic Chair

Details 5

29.5"W x 29.5"D x 38.5"H

Details 6

Seat Height 16.5"

Details 7

Crown (L) Classic Chair

Details 8

33"W x 31"D x 40.25"H

Details 9

Seat Height 17"


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Interested in Ekornes Stressless Crown Recliner & Ottoman (Classic)